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Approaches and Methods

Cally FarrI have extensive experience and on-going training in many areas, some of which are listed below. I am an eclectic practitioner, and work closely with people to develop the best process for them. Using deep listening, warmth and positive inquiry, I offer a safe and supportive environment to explore issues.

Short Term Counselling

Looking for some direction and help with goal setting or day to day life questions or problems? Short term counselling can provide a supportive and positive way to use strengths and life experiences to move forward in decision-making and choices.

Exploring Inner Patterns:

In-Depth Counselling and Therapy

Wanting to explore long term or original family issues and patterns? Using a number of techniques, we begin looking at beliefs and behaviours that may have been unconsciously learned long ago. Stress, depression, anxiety, ongoing grief, and concerns about self-esteem, may be indications of unresolved patterns. Identifying and gently examining these deeper parts of the self can help re-connect with intuition, wisdom and creativity.

Relationship Counselling

          "We form (relationships) to complete something uncompleted, and they are
           therefore a process of growth..."     (Liz Greene)

Relationships provide us with the greatest opportunities to see ourselves as we are and to make deep and profound internal changes. When couples are having difficulties, they often become locked in negative interaction cycles.  My approach in working with couples utilizes Emotionally Focused Therapy. The strategies in this approach can help you and your partner shift from negative to positive patterns of interaction and discover what you each can understand and share to heal long held hurts. Emotions, needs and long held attachment experiences form the basis for exploration. Change occurs through reflection,  shared  awareness, regulation of arousal, and transformation of  emotions. These  changes take place within a container of empathy, respect and caring for self and other.

For more information on Emotionally Focused Therapy see

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy guides us on a journey to become aware of the body and the sensations we experience through it.  The goal is to ground, integrate and connect with ourselves. It is a process which can help heal past trauma from specific incidents and can also repair attachment losses from early family relationships.  

Somatic therapy weaves wholistic and long practised forms of healing with the innate wisdom and resources of our own bodies. Sensations, feelings, movement and images create a path to re-connection. Body awareness and mindful presence make it possible to slow down and calm over-arousal, and to separate the past from the present. Over time, we can become more in tune with our intuitions and needs.

For more information on Somatic Therapy see  and

Guided Imagery

Your imagination process is a powerful part of your inner world. I often weave the use of  imagery into my work. This technique can be fun, as well as aiding in relaxation and assisting emotional exploration in a safe and creative way.
"In moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge"
                                                                                                     (Albert Einstein)

Divorce Coaching

See my Divorce Coaching page.


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